Acting jointly we provide benefits for each member.
Vision 1 is the first Russian national alliance of independent opticians.
Why is Vision 1?
Founded in 2017, the national alliance of independent opticians unites members in the retail market for eyewear industry. Members of the alliance are professional chains and independent stores on one side and the leading suppliers and vendors on the other side.
Exploring the total power and productivity of the memebers, the alliance provides increased revenues, reduced costs of operations and opportunities for business development of every participant.
Common platform solutions, focused on group purchasing, technology, education and training, marketing opportunities. Our members have a much stronger advantage than alone for the development and consolidation of benefits.
Growth of key KPIs
Gross margin
The benefits of being with us
The best commercial conditions from the leading suppliers.
The size and productivity of our members provide exclusivity conditions and benefits.
The implementation of marketing activities initiated by suppliers according to the standards.
Providing statistics, the most successful programs, in terms of return on investment and efficiency.
Dedicated to opticians CRM tools. Reduce the cost of operations and administration processes of ordering, analysing and managing profitability of the products.
Best practices
Why is the income from the contact lenses does not meet the expectations?
How to win the competition with online and increase revenue from the sale of contact lenses
Analytics overview
Direct marketing is still alive. As you know, reminders and follow up for your customers is an important part of communication, what is the point to attract new customers if they never return?
Personal expirience
The pros and cons of purchasing alliance model. In today's saturated and competitive economy, many professionals in the field of optical business believe that the purchasing alliance helps them to obtain additional profit, which they need.
"I can't imagine how you run your business today, without entering into the Alliance", - the owner of a chain in Yekaterinburg
3 reasons to be with us
No risks
Participation in the alliance is absolutely free, no membership fees and maintaining independence in business.
Increase revenue
The best commercial terms available from leading suppliers. Exclusive prices for frames, ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses.
Optimization of daily operations
The opportunity to focus on the key tasks of the retail business, increasing its productivity by membership in the alliance.
For the time being more than 540opticians are members of the alliance
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